Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept health insurance?

DayRise Recovery accepts most private PPO insurance to help cover the cost of your care.

What is the difference between Day Hospital and Inpatient Rehab?

With Day Hospital you are not confined. You go home each night after completing treatment. There is no substantial difference in terms  of therapeutic value between the two. And, because we can help with cravings and urges, the rate of success at DayRise is often better than those who go to inpatient rehab. 

Are you a 12 step program and do you accept court mandated patients?

Our approach works, because DayRise Recovery uses proven 21st Century methods to treat substance abuse and co-occurring anxiety/depression/ADD etc.  We accept only patients who truly want and desire treatment regardless of any  other considerations. 

What do you mean when you say you are a medical/holistic facility?

It means that we take a highly individualized approach to your treatment based on what will be best for you. In addition to counseling, education and therapy we can use scientifically developed medical options, or research validated alternative holistic approaches or a combination of some of each. 

How long is the program?

At DayRise Recovery length of stay is determined by what you need instead of a cookie cutter formula. 

Can I afford this?

Cost should never be a barrier to getting the care you need.  At DayRise Recovery we make getting the most comprehensive treatment available affordable to most everyone. At our program costs are assessed based on the different components of a highly individualized treatment plan. We accept most health insurance, we have treatment financing available, even for challenged credit and ,if needed, a scholarship program to help make treatment affordable. Unlike most treatment centers, once we know what is needed in your case, the cost and any aid available will be explained to you before you commit.